Putting Your Favourite Song Lyrics Onto a Canvas Print

So everybody has a favourite musician, band or song. It’s a fact of life isn’t it. All your friends may disagree with your choice but never the less they are your chosen favourite. It doesn’t matter what other people think anyway!

A very popular way to show off your love of this is to have your favourite song lyrics added to a canvas print with a picture of the artist as well. They are eye catching, look fantastic & perhaps most importantly of all don’t break the bank!

The great thing with these are that they are custom canvas prints made to look exactly how you want. For example some of my favourite artist’s include Elvis Presley, The Beatles (in particular John Lennon) and Oasis so I made up some designs of my own to get printed. I got Imagine by John Lennon printed onto a white background with black font and a picture of him on the side, with Elvis I got If I Can Dream lyrics printed onto a black background with white writing & then finally I got the lyrics to Live Forever by Oasis on my last one with a photo of Noel Gallagher.

These prints look particularly striking with white writing printed onto a black background. You can have any colours you like but this is a classic that always works, well I think so anyway!

These art prints don’t just work for song lyrics though, why not get your favourite motivational quote printed onto canvas so you can see it everyday to inspire you to greatness. It doesn’t have to be a serious motivational quote it could be a witty one liner from your favourite sitcom, TV show or film. The motivational prints are a perfect way to decorate your office & meeting rooms to inspire your employees.

Or finally you could get a print of your favourite sportsman or team. I love tennis & my favourite player is Roger Federer so I printed an image of him with snippet of a speech he gave after winning Wimbledon one year. It looks great especially as canvas prints are 3D which makes them look so much better than a standard poster or picture in a frame.

Why not give it ago. Your own personal canvas print! I know I would rather something on my wall that was unique to me rather than a standard picture that thousands of people around the world have on their wall.

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